Friday, 8 September 2017

28Mhz Yagi Cont.....

here are a few more photos of the build.

Feed point detail.

Finally in the air under a 3 ele for 21Mhz.

On air it has been performing very well. F/B I am seeing 3 to 4 S units difference and 5 to 6 S units side rejection.
the VSWR is also very good. no higher than 1.4:1 between 28 and  29Mhz. it dips 1.1:1 at 28.480.
although there hasn't been much propagation for 28Mhz I have made some QSO's on SSB. unprompted reports of very loud, good signal cant be bad for something I made out of the shed.
Link for MMANA GAL

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