Sunday, 29 January 2017

Innov Antennas OP-DES

i recently brought an Innov Antennas OP-DES 14MHZ four element yagi with an 8.2Mtr boom.

fairly straight forward to put together, but i had to email Innov for a build sheet for element lenghts.

all tubing is aluminum, boom is aluminum square box, stainless tube clamps and nuts and bolts.
element placings along the boom are predrilled, but i did check to make sure i had them correct.

there is some theory behind the OP-DES design, ends of the driven element are bent 90degres towards the reflector. ill let justin tell you what its all about OP-DES THEORY

once i had the parts iddentified and placed on the floor it was just a matter of putting it together.

below, boom with start of elements

some more photos from my antenna build. As you can see it comes very well packaged.

All parts seperated and laid out on the floor.

First tubing added.

close up of the boom to element mounting detail.

driven element

boom jointing detail.

close up of the element clamping

end of the bent driven element. its insulated from the reflector. The insulator also adds support to the end of the driven element.

picture below shows a nearly finished yagi on a saw horse.
Finally built and on the tower.
more to follow.

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