Tuesday, 7 February 2017

14Mhz OP-DES Yagi Cont'd

Built and in the air, time to test the antenna with my MFJ259 antenna analyser.

Innov states 1.5:1 or better, well it is better, 1.1:1 across the whole of the 14Mhz band. cant get better than that.

for comparison I still have my cushcraft A3S antenna on another tower.
for the OP-DES yagi I ran 90meters of Messi & Paloni coax Ultraflex 10.  at 14mhz they state a loss of 1.4db per 100meters. if I had used RG213 then the loss would have been more than double of the messi and paloni coax. money does buy a db or two.

the tests I have done are not scientific but switching antennas and seeing what the S-meter says on my transceiver, K3S.
the OP-DES yagi out performs the A3S and the further away the station is the better it gets.
up to an S point or two better at times.
the front to back is amazing, upto 30db 5 S-points and the side rejection is also excellent.

one thing I have noticed from the A3S is, how quiet the OP-DES yagi is on Receive, upto an S point better. on a couple of occasions I cannot hear the station on the A3S but I could hear it on the OP-DES yagi.

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